I also used aloe vera gel in this, and tried it on dry hair at home after I had been doing CG for only a few days. It made my hair noticeably curlier even just scrunching in dry with no rewetting or other products. Obviously it would be better to use it as you describe, scrunching into wet hair so it is distributed better... but I have yet to do that because having just discovered CG and this site about a month ago, I seem to be buying products like a madwoman (aloe vera gel, Matrix Amplify gel--which has a cone that I didn't notice until I got it home, Aussie Mega gel, TRESemme curling gel which also has a cone, and as of last night, Herbal Essences Humidity Defying gel).

As you can see, I can't even use half of the stuff because I didn't read the ingredients carefully enough. So my husband would probably be happier pocketbook-wise if this homemade product works out. Before CG, I used to wash and condition my hair with whatever was on sale at night, put in a couple squirts of a Vive silicone serum, blow-dry while brushing, then brush and put in a bun in the morning. One bottle of the serum lasted for months and other than that I would never have considered buying a hair product. Now I am obsessed with my hair. Oh well...

One tip if you are finding it hard to dissolve everything--I was using Mill Creek Organics biotin conditioner (not sure if it is any good, just something I found at the health food store that was CG-friendly and contains all of the stuff Lorraine says a good conditioner should contain), which is very thick and translucent. I boiled the water and the conditioner still would not dissolve. So, I mixed everything up in a large measuring cup and beat it with our hand blender using the regular blade attachment. This emulsified everything in no time flat. It separates somewhat in the fridge but is easy to resuspend by just shaking a few times.

I also ended up transferring it from the spray bottle to a squeeze bottle (like the kind for applying hair color that you get at Sally's); the version I made is thick enough that it's actually easier to squirt into your hand and scrunch in than it is to spray. Also solves the potential oily floor or shower problem, which is good because I'm a klutz.