I really don't want to debate this. I am just stating my views since so many asked about Bush supporters.

First off, I voted for him, but he was never my first choice. I wanted McCain (sp?). But since the only other choice turned out to be Gore I went with Bush. I can't stand Gore and I'm not really sure why. I do honestly believe that if he had been president when 9/11 happened we would have had another serious attack on our soil since then.

None of the current Dems have shown me that they will stick to what they say (although I haven't paid close attention to them). That is my main reason for liking Bush. Of course, every politician backtracks some, that's being a human being, but I think with Bush you mostly get from him what he says he will do. I admire that and I admire his stance on good and evil. People seem to forget that we had terroist attacks long before 9/11. I have a friend who had a sister and brother-in-law who worked at the WTC in 1993 the first time it was bombed. Their car was blown up. There was also that Pan Am flight that got blown apart. That old Jewish guy that was shot and thrown off the the cruise ship and the embassies in Africa in 1998. We did basically nothing after those attacks.

I wholeheartedly supported Bush going into Afghanastan. I wish we were doing a better job of controlling the country and bringing law and order to them.

On Iraq I've always had mixed feelings. I have heard on a radio talk show that there is actual evidence linking Iraq to Al-Queda and a repporter wrote about it in some magazine. But why is that being kept quiet if true? But now that we are there we have to finish the job. I am disappointed with how that is going also, but I'm afraid a Dem might pull us out too soon.

I also am more in tune with Republicans economically. I happen to like the tax cuts, I believe that businesses have to have tax relief to create new jobs. It amazes me that people seem to forget that big corporations provide hundreds of thousands of jobs. I am unhappy about all of the spending, (and with the war a lot of it can't be helped right now), but I hope an improving economy will help the deficit. I live in CA and we are taxed to death. Only NY pays more in taxes than us (from what I've heard). I think if people could keep more of the money they make it would help everyone in the long run. I know I would donate more to charity than I do now if I had more take home pay.

I think with Bush in office we might make much more progress against terror than without him and that is my number 1 priority. I feel safer with Bush in office than any democrat.

These are my opinions.