I think sdcurly and I think alike on this issue. I couldn't have stated my views any better than she did.

As sdcurly said, I don't wish to debate my stand but will offer some reasons why I support Bush.

I have avoided a lot of the arguments regarding the war but will state what I feel, whether you agree or not -- I wish there had been a better solution, but I believe what Bush did was right. I believe in my mind that if we had not gone into Iraq now, the situation would have only gotten worse and the consequences would be far greater to the US years down the road. I think the link between Iraq and terrorists was just beginning and was only going to get stronger. There are an awful lot of Americans who don't want to do something, but then again are the first ones to ask why we didn't so something after a situation has gotten out of hand. I don't feel that Bush made any of his decisions based on his personal (or family) vendetta with Hussein. I believe he is truly doing what he believes is the best for our country. I too am afraid a Democrat might get us out of Iraq too soon.

I also have to agree with sdcurly regarding the Republicans and their views on business and finance. They are the ones with the money who are able to invest, provide the jobs we all need and stimulate the economy. They aren't the "bad guy" in my mind. This alone is probably the biggest reason I am a Republican rather than a Democrat.

These are a few of the reasons I backed Bush before and still do. I will honestly say I have been listening to the Democrats. At one time I thought I liked Kerry because he had a seriousness and sophistication about him. . . then he opened his mouth and I haven't agreed with about 75% of what he stands for. I saw an interview with Edwards a while ago and would like to hear more of what he believes in.