I think anyone who is elected will be for Osama getting what he deserves, if he's ever caught... Maybe if our administration spent more time rooting out Osama and his allies, esp. the ones lurking around in our OWN country instead of dropping bombs on Iraq, he'd be found sooner. There are more terrorists in this country than Iraq, guaranteed. There are supposedly more terrorists harboured in Spain than anywhere else - why don't we bomb Spain? Point is bombing one or two countries will not prevent future terrorist attacks - if anything, it will fuel anger and cause more attacks. That doesn't make me feel any safer. Terror is all over the world - I think starting with our own country will better secure us from imminent danger than focusing attention elsewhere. The Democrats are preying on Bush's mistakes, and that's their ticket in. I'm not saying that a Democrat, once in office, will not repeat the same mistakes, but I have much more faith in them than in Bush at this point. I fear that Bush will put us in another pre-emptive war, which will just mean trouble for this country.