I support Bush for the same reasons sdcurly and munchkin do. He does seem to be a man of honor and integrity, or at least much more than what we've had in the past.
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How is lying to Americans about the specter of mushroom clouds and WMDs when you know the evidence doesn't support the warnings honorable? Who with any bit of integrity concocts evidence? How is "bring it on" courageous? Most of the world is angry with the US, don't you think there's a reason for it?
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That's your opinion. You have no proof that GW concocted anything. The anger that most of the world has towards the US, didn't start 3 years ago. The US has never been popular with Eastern cultures.

Even if no WMD are ever found, the oppressed people in Iraq and Afghanistan deserve to live in freedom just like we do. They have been denied basic human rights that so many of us take for granted. Liberating these people should have been reason enough for the US, as well as other "super powers" to get involved. How can we call ourselves a great nation and just go about our daily pampered lives knowing that these people are being raped, tortured, and murdered on a daily basis? Most people can't even begin to comprehend the hell Iraqis have lived in. I know I can't.

Before the flaming starts, remember that Bush supporters were asked what their reasons were and I clearly indicated that these were only my opinions. I have no desire to get into a debate over this.
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