About 7 years ago I had a haircut that was to reveal alot more wave than I ever imagined, and this was before I went totally C.G, so I was a bit(alot) nervous about it, well me and my better half went to better halfs best mates birthday party and he just made a target out of my hair pretty much as soon as I walked thru the door... he kept saying that we had slipped back to the 80's courtesy of me and that I had a Demi-wave put in especially for his party, and wanting to touch it and stuff, I just felt dreadful.
well, after a couple of drinks he came up to me, knelt down beside me and asked in a very loud voice if I really did have a perm just for his party,* enter one very p****d off C.G*, I belted him across the back of the head! I have NEVER been so humiliated and in front of near strangers too!! And I must point out that I am the most passive person you'll ever likly to meet.
I reacted very badly I know, but I had just about had enough at that stage, after that, we didnt stay long, in fact, we left pretty soon after.
In the car my better half said that I shouldnt have hit him but he understood why I did it, then he burst out laughing saying " you should have seen his face..bet it's the first time he has ever had a smack in his life..hopefully it will teach him some manners!"
That was the first and last time someone has ever been so negative about my hair, except for my s-i-l who thought I had a perm, but that's another story!!
Thick, 2C with little 3A's thrown in to make my hair look a little more wild.FIA:2c/3a-M
Last Haircut:17/1/07
Ultimate Goal: To go as long as possible
Products Used:coconut cowash, tescos own gel citrus spice whipped butter
Hair Length:BSL
NEW PHOTOS ADDED: 20th August'09

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