Since I am only 18 I was not able to vote in the last presidential election. However, I would not have changed the outcome for anything. Bush, above all, is a strong man. and his moral foundation and integrity are alot stronger than his speaking skills...and isn't that what is important? The WTC was previously attacked while a democrat was in office and look what happened after a serious lack in consequences! Bush is Proactive. Another thing I admire. He sees something that needs to be done and he does is...a major act of war on american soil? a major a$$ kicking for one of the terrorists group's major supporters, mad cow disease in Canada? beef shipment closed. The stock market is back up and and in my 18 years I have never seen nearly this much patriotism, the pledge of allegiance actually means something to me now. Most of all, Bush has released a down trodden country from the grips of an evil, tyranical ruler.
Bush has my vote in the next presidential election
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Going Shampooless today! (12/31/03)
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