I support Bush for the same reasons sdcurly and munchkin do. He does seem to be a man of honor and integrity, or at least much more than what we've had in the past.
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How is lying to Americans about the specter of mushroom clouds and WMDs when you know the evidence doesn't support the warnings honorable? Who with any bit of integrity concocts evidence? How is "bring it on" courageous? Most of the world is angry with the US, don't you think there's a reason for it?
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I do want to state one thing regarding WMD. I don't feel Bush was lying to us. I believe the evidence presented looked like there were WMD. I read an article that the reason you have not heard Clinton and top people from his administration come out against the WMD argument is because they all believed they were there too. Hussein wanted the world to believe they were there and painted things to look like that was the case.