My husband knew I wanted to cut my hair for years. He totally supported me and LOVED my hair before AND after.

"if you can also tell me how short you went when you did it that would be great."

I went from just about waist (at my longest) length to about 5 inches!

My hair was giving me grief amongst other things. It was so heavy at night I was having neck problems and not very good sleep. I never wore it down! NEVER!! haha So now since its been cut, I have it "done" every day now instead of that crazy bun I always wore!

When I walked out the salon he was so happy for me and said "you look amazing" and "This is so you babe!" He said I look so modern and cool and more older. I especially loved that since people are ALWAYS surprised when I tell them my age and how long I've been married! And he also said "Just beautiful!" and "You are glowing!"

Don't worry! Your husband is going to love your hair! He's going to be happy because you are happy and because of how beautiful you are and will be!

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