And my hair still gets very curly. I think your hair might be overprossed. The thing is if you relax your hair and stop, it will break off. So you have two options...chop off your hair, or get hair profressionally relaxed (i use affirm) and you can still wear you hair "natural". I actually prefer it this way because my curls are much looser and easier to work with.
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I had my hair relaxed for about 15 years and I just stoped relaxing about 2 years ago. I didn't cut it or perm or anything, I just simply stopped relaxing it and I hardly wore it curly for about one year. I used to do a lot of roller sets and you couldn't tell the difference between the relaxed part and the curly part. It was a very difficult transition at first because the roots were so curly but the ends were straight & I hated the way it looked but I was patient and never did a big chop. I just trimmed every 6 weeks.

My hair NEVER EVER broke off and my hair is now COMPLETELY relaxer free and it is down to my bra strap when wet. It is in better condition than it's ever been. It's healthy, managable, shiney and long - plus I never get the split ends I used to get when I relaxed. I used to believe when people told me that if you stopped relaxing your hair would break off. That's why it took me so long to go natural b/c I was afraid of my long hair breaking off. It is so not true... you just need to condition it and take very extra special care of it during the transition.

I love my hair now, I wish I would have done it a long, long time ago.

By the way, I'm Dominican too (Dominican parents but I was born & raised in NY)
Naturally 3b, boticelli curls, fine hair, bra strap length