awesome I don't know where my closest price attack is.. hmm... are they getting rid of mastey?

I had a quick look in the health food store before work today, but I couldn't find any coconut oil, is it the essential oil and you have to mix it with carrier or is it something else? (feeling rather clueless right now!)

my hair has well not been it's self lately, and the lovely melbourne weather has well been driving me nuts (storming one day, and scorching hot the next) I think maybe my hair is in shock, or maybe it's because its drier. I really don't know all I know is that my poor hair is all frizzy,it's been spending a lot of time in buns to try hide it, but the frizzy still escapes. I got home from work and to my horror I looked in the mirror to find all these pieces sticking out everywhere!
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.