does she relax it?

It looks more styled than relaxed...
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Yea, she relaxes it now at least. It's kind of silly because I kind of hate her because her character on Gossip Girl annoys me so I have been secretly wishing that the produces kill her off or something XD She's a lucky gal though, dating Ed I think I hate her because of that too -cough- Anywho...

When she first came on the show her hair was tighter, but as the show went on her curls got looser and looser. And now it looks like this

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From what Ive seen, it does seem to be chemically altered in some way (but I'm no expert), but I still think that she's beautiful.

Yes, I hate her character too. However, I do not want them to kill her off because she is the only person of color on the show (you cant really count fellow curly Nicole Fiscella aka Blair's silent minority sidekick). Ive heard that in the books Vanessa character was much more interesting. I wish that they would develop her character more.

By the way, I prefer pretty boy Chace Crawford over Ed Westwick.

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