You know, this always comes down to what the majority of people want for a minority of people. One would think that if you are either doing what they think is right or correct then you are good, but once the "Status Quo" changes and someone is doing something that another thinks is wrong then all the sudden there is a problem.
Well let me tell you, I'm a CPT in the United States Army and I was raped while in Iraq and as a consequence the person who raped me was positive and so now I am as well.
Aside from the traumatic mental suffering I have from this incident, living with HIV is no joke; I have to take the same precaution I would if I had any other job.
While Iím able to perform my duties to the utmost there are in fact allot of military thing that need to be done here in the US and not all of our operations are abroad.
So do not mistake while I do not enjoy my condition I would never use it as a crutch or an impediment to accomplish any task at hand.
Trust me is anyone get hurt while performing a field operation only qualified medical people come in to aid, not every soldiers training allows them to perform even the minimal, so don't be mistaken in that point.
And if one is separated involuntarily from service because of a medical condition then that is exactly what it is, nothing else.