wow she is gorgeous.

i did not realize until i saw these
pictures she was a "mixed girl."
i looked it up and it said she was
hungarian and african american.

i always thought she was hispanic.
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Well, Hispanic is not a race, but a culture, so a Hispanic can be racially black, Caucasian, Native American, Far Eastern, and/or mixed-race. Faizon Love is a Hispanic born in Cuba, and his race is black. Alexis Bledel's mother is Mexican and her father Argentine, and as you can see, she's white. Many of us have a stereotypical image of how Hispanics should look like, and those who usually fit that stereotypical image are those of mixed-race ancestry. Most people of Mexican descent have a multigenerationally amalgamated ethnic background of European and Native American ancestry. Many Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and Cubans have a multigenerationally amalgamated background of European and African ancestry, so that's why you might've assumed Jessica Szohr to be Hispanic, because of the stereotypical image.

My sister and I are also black and Caucasian, or quadroons as the old caste system would have us referred as. As for Jessica Szohr self-identifying as Caucasian, I find that a little hard to believe, as she does have a tell that she's black, based on her very kinky curls, olive complexion, and slightly broad nose. Right when I saw her for the first time on Gossip Girl, I knew she was a black girl. I guess being a myself, it's easier for me to be able to tell than others. I personally self-identify as black, but my sister leans more to self-identifying as mixed-race. I've been mistaken for Hispanic as well (usually Puerto Rican), because of the stereotypical image, since most Puerto Ricans also have genetic admixture of Caucasian and African ancestry. Most quadroons don't end up looking completely Caucasian, but rather with a slight tell, take Mariah Carey for example, she's a good example of how visibly black quadroons usually tend to look like.

Anywho, it's nice to meet you all. My name is Marllon. I believe I'm a multitexture of 3b, 2b, 3a, and 2c. My younger sister got the short end of the gene pool, and ended up with pin straight, fine hair. It's lifeless, flat, and dull, and that makes me all the more grateful to have been so lucky to end up a curlyhead. I'm a newbie as of today, and I intend on frequenting these boards avidly.

Much love to my fellow curlies!
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Welcome to the wild side

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