Ugh. So I decided CG is not working after 3 months, and my hair only looking good on a few spotty days as opposed to most of the time.

This morning I tried to straighten it, and omg, my hair FREAKED. It's like it's saying "oh no you DIDN'T!"

So, um, I'm going to the store. I'm going to re-wet my hair and do it curly. Hit me with some good products I can get my hands on at a store, they don't have to be CG, I don't care if they have more cones than a Dairy Queen.

I'm thinking either Redken Fresh curls or Tigi Catwalk Curls Rock.


Oh, and the reason this is such a dire emergency today is because it's my baby's 1st birthday today, and there will be pictures galore.
Medium texture, normal-high porosity, wavy-curly 2c to 3a-ish hair that is MOISTURE HUNGRY!!!
Currently recovering from a protein hair crisis. My hair hates protein, apparently.