I plan on joining the Air Force June of 09. Will they turn me down because I have Sickle Cell Trait?
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You can still join. Honestly, though...are you sure you can perform the training? I don't mean to scare you but sickle cell trait is supposedly one of the prominent causes of death among recruits, along with undiagnosed heart problems and dehydration. Every so often a story comes up in the news about a recruit that dies during training, and those are always the first things the doctors look for. Maybe you should talk to your doctor and make sure you are able to handle the physical stress.
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Okay, thanx for the info!
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Uhhh doesn't sickle cell trait just mean that you carry the recessive gene for sickle cell....but you don't actually HAVE sickle cell? Carrying the trait for sickle cell and HAVING sickle cell are two TOTALLY different things...and from what I know about sickle cell carrying the trait doesn't cause any health manifestations.....unless you concieve with someone that also carries the trait....in which case your children have a 25% chance to being born with sickle cell disease.
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