KCCC works miracles for me, however there is a learning curve, it's easy to use too much! Donna Marie products are also wonderful, they give me shiny hair and really nice bouncy curls. Karen's Body Beautiful is very popular too, however I find it to be a bit heavy for my thin porous hair.
Helpful link: livecurlylivefree.com This will help you figure out what types of products will work best for you b/c it explains how to do hair tests on yourself so you know what kind of hair you have; it goes in deeper on hair texture and all that, more than 2a or 3b which is more curl pattern IMHO.
HTH!! KCCC and the whole kinky curly line is absolutely fantastic, one of the best out there.
Elucence is great too and much more affordable. Elucence moisture balance conditioner is $8.00 (or $20.00 for a BIG liter bottle) a bottle and is very close to the kinky curly conditioner IMO.
Hair Type-3b Location: Florida
John 3:16
Poo: Jessicurl HCC, As I Am
Conditioners: Aubrey Organics, KCKT, CJ HBDT, Darcy's Botanicals
Leave In/Styling: KCCC, Darcy's Botanicals, SS
Favorites (HG): KCCC; spiral solutions jelly; darcy's botanicals, FSG
No-No's: castor oil, beeswax, glycerine, silicones
LOVE: aloe vera, agave nectar, shea butter, flax seed gel; good DT's once a week
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