Hi im a shoulder length 3b. Ive always had super curly but im just discovering the CG methods and i want to try it out. I used to use herbal essences for curls shampoo and conditioner with herbal essences curl mousse and la looks sport gel. I actually got a devachan haircut a week ago and i loved the way it looked in the salon but the next day it was ruined ad i havent been able to recreate the look even with the devachan product. basically ive been using tresemme because it seemed to have the least alcohols or cones of the stuff i had in my house. im looking for recommendations of good no-poo method products along with styling methods preferably for 3b hair. I really appreciate all the feedback on this site. My goal is for my hair to have defined curls that are healthy and not crunchy but not frizzy or triangular shaped from my head. Also im in school in montreal i would love any tips on 2nd day hair as its a little cold to shower every morning.
Thank you all so so much