It's superficial, yes - but I'd kind of hoped that my son would pop out of the womb with lots of curly hair...

When he was born, I was elated! I saw lots of dark, wavy hair.

The midwives gave him his first wipe-down (though not a true immersed bath), so the curls stayed overnight due to some of the birthing gunk residue (sorry - TMI, yuck! ) remaining in his hair, I think.

After we gave him his first bath the next day, however, the curls kind of *wiped out*, if you will. While his hair is curly when wet (say, pencil-sized), it mostly flattens out when dry - it's just so fine.

My hair's mainly 3B-ish (a lil' 3A), and Baby Daddy's is 4A.

Any chance the curls will get stronger over time - before puberty? I love them so, and cherish them at bath-time when his hair's wet.