I have used the Traite for almost a year now. Even with oily hair and using a ton of products, my hair still feels really clean after washing with the Traite. I tried the Creme Moist twice and I didn't like it. My hair felt clean, but it felt like the shampoo dried my hair out. I think it was the proteins, because it felt the same way after using the Joico conditioners, which have a lot of proteins in them. So, I guess it just depends on how protein-sensitive you are. My vote is with the Traite.

Oh, yeah. I've never tried the clarifying. I like the Traite so much I figured why mess with a good thing. To clarify my hair, I use baking soda one or two times per month. Works pretty well for me!
My hair is somewhere in the 2's or 3's, but I have yet to figure out specifically where.