I've always heard from other transitioners they felt like straight hair wasn't really who they were. While I never felt like I was betraying something within me by straightening, I do worry about feeling attractive without straight hair.

How do you resist feeling differently about yourself with curly versus straight hair?
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I'm like you. I like both straight and curly hair and don't feel as if it would be wrong for me to prefer one over the other. One of the number of reasons I decided to start transitioning to natural is that I am attracted to the idea versatility. Curly, than straight, then back to curly just by washing my hair? That's what's up! I do like wearing MY hair as opposed to weaves or using chemicals to change it (disclaimer: nothing against either!! ). I feel like me when I can just wash it as I like or change it as I like. HOW I decide to style it is different. Either way, I feel like me as long as I'm being myself!

As for whether or not I feel differently about myself depending on the style.... hmm, I feel attractive (sometimes!) both ways but in different ways. Its like wearing make-up; When I don't wear make-up I feel like I'm beautiful or attractive because of who I am. Because I'm not afraid to be raw, unique and just me (I think there are a lot of people who are ). When I wear make-up I still think I'm beautiful but its a little bit of a superficial kinda beauty. However, not artificial. C'mon we all look in magazines and even if we know things are loaded with make-up, weaves, and airbrushing, they can still be beautiful. I like that but without the plastic or extra hair. That's how I feel about curly vs. straight. So Idk... Whatever makes you feel good about yourself, regardless of what anyone else thinks, is best. That's attractive to me.

So I wouldn't resist feeling feeling anything in particular. If it feels good goooo with that feeling. You shouldn't have loyalty to one particular style over another, imo. Just keep it healthy.

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