Okay...So, I need y'alls honest opinin of my hair...

On the days that I just dont feel like twisting my hair at night the next morning I just put some moisturizer on it and pick it out and it 'fros out...

Well, while I am loving the style, my mother (who else?) tells me, "That style dont do nothin' for you--how long are you going to stay natural"

I dont plan on ever going back to relaxing OR heat. My hair just cannot take it!


So, I need some constructive critizm--Does my hair look bad/fugly LOL?? If y'all say that it does I PROMISE I will not hate your for it! I really need to know!! Please see attachment of said afro...lol the other pic is how I usually wear my hair.

I hope everyone is having a peachy day!!!
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I think that your hair is very cute. I see nothing wrong with it. Don't let other people's opinions get you down. This morning I thought that I was having a horrible hair day with my poofy, frizzy braid out, and a complete stranger stopped me and told me that she loved my hair. As long as you like it, that's all that matters!