Thanks for the love everyone!! I'm so happy right now!

So... what's next, have you found products/techniques yet? I still have no idea what to do with mine!!!!!
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Some products that were working well before the BC are not quite as cooperative anymore, so the experimentation begins all over again!

How long did you transition? Any tips on doing the BC yourself?
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I transitioned for about 11 months.
And all I did was load up my wet hair with conditioner, section it into small pieces and chop chop chop! I'm all for doing the BC yourself. It's empowering and you have control how much you want to cut.
I still get giddy when I look in the mirror.
Lol! I took my silk scarf off this morning and almost forgot and half expected my hair to fall down my back.
Last relaxer: Feb. 2008
Big Chop:
Jan. 2009