I bought the Caca Noir a few few weeks ago and it makes my hair really shiny n smooth It seems to dye my grey strands a golden colour though, and I was hoping for black lol.

I havent found it hard to mix, just put it in a bowl, pour boiling water onto it and leave it to melt for 10 minutes, easy peasy! I've never had to grate it or even cut it up. Then put the bowl into a pan of boiling water and stir it for a few minutes to heat it up... not sure what this bit does, does it release more colour? Then put it on hair n leave it. It does take a while to rinse out tho, and smells pretty rank! I only use it on half of my head and it only takes one square to cover it, so it is pretty economical for me... not sure if I'll repurchase when I've run out tho, as I also have some AO Colour Me Natural which is a 'natural hair dye'

I think i'll try that when ive run out of Caca.
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