i found my first gray hair at 22; premature gray runs in the family. i colored it once when it was super short--a semi-permanent rinse. i couldn't wait for it to wash out. i, too, hated the texture.

most days i embrace the gray. i'm a dark salt and pepper, still mostly black hair but with lots of silver threaded through and a tiny white streak in the front. i'm 44; i'm often told that i look much younger. an older friend--64--told me recently that i should dye my hair because "your husband would never tell you, but he'd love to have a wife that looks younger." my husband tells me that he truly does not care either way.

i don't dye because a. i'm lazy; b. i hate the idea of running to cover up my white roots for fear of outing myself; and c. i love silver hair on other people.
3B corkscrews with scatterings of 3A & 3C.