Noone has probably ever heard of this character/person but I'd be Brian Boru (yes it's a guy). He's the main character in a book called "The Lion the ireland" by Morgan Llywelyn about Ireland's ancient high king. The author portrayed him with such strength of character that I'd love to be as strong as he was. and it's a great book. It made me want to visit Ireland.
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I love this book!!! and I knew who Brian Boru was before it. Partly because there is a large pub by that name that I frequent and part because I love Celtic history.

As for a character that resembles me....I have no idea. I think I'm much more a composite. Though the character that comes to mind first is Roger. I'm an historian too soon to be teacher (hopefully) love digging into things, and a musician, fiddler.

There's also a bit of Joe from Little Women in there.