Since transitioning, I've had weaves and mostly phony ponies as protective styles (of some sort...). I found that, for me, the hardest to care for was the weave. Granted, before the summer I had never had a weave... but I found that just caring for my hair underneath, especially my edges, was super difficult! As for the fake puffs, well I don't always want to wear them. I think over time they may give me a bald spot in the center of my head OR just drive me insane with the scalp scratching. So I'm thinking about getting braids or kinky twists, but again I don't know how to care for my scalp and hair this way.

For those of you who have transitioned/are transitioning with any of these (or more) styles, how did you take care of your hair, scalp, and edges? Suggestions or any styles to stay away from?