Okay...So, I need y'alls honest opinin of my hair...

On the days that I just dont feel like twisting my hair at night the next morning I just put some moisturizer on it and pick it out and it 'fros out...

Well, while I am loving the style, my mother (who else?) tells me, "That style dont do nothin' for you--how long are you going to stay natural"

I dont plan on ever going back to relaxing OR heat. My hair just cannot take it!


So, I need some constructive critizm--Does my hair look bad/fugly LOL?? If y'all say that it does I PROMISE I will not hate your for it! I really need to know!! Please see attachment of said afro...lol the other pic is how I usually wear my hair.

I hope everyone is having a peachy day!!!
Originally Posted by vmocha
Your Hair is beautiful. My mom was the same way and still is at times. She would say things like "I miss that long straight pretty hair you used to have. It was your crown and glory". She kept telling me that all my hair was going to fall out if I grew my relaxer out when I first tried 5 years ago. This is my third and final time trying. It's been almost 4 months and I'm no where near bald. My hair is pretty wild looking and I love it!

She will get better with time. She just needs to get used to seeing your hair this way.