Has anyone purchased this lately and for all of you who have had it for a while, is it still working. I just looked on infomercial review and it had several current reviews and they all say something different. I wonder if anyone who has a mixture of 3b and possibly some 3a hair has tried this. If you are thinking of buying a Kstyler don't do it. I liked mine even though my hair was to hot to hold sometimes (unlike what the commercial said) but I can't get it to come on and stay on and when I called the company they said even though I have a warranty I would have to pay 19.95 shipping cost for a new one. No where did I see that information and I have found several reviews which said they had the same problem. Each one of them were told something different about returning it and getting a new one. Most said it took months to get a new one if they got one and when they did, it did the same thing again. Now I am considering the InStyler unless you all have a better reccomendation.