I had Kinky Twists for about a month and a half towards the end of my transition. My hair grew quite a bit, so it was a nice and easy transition style; didn't have to worry about fixing my hair for a couple of weeks. When I took them out I had to comb through some tangles but nothing ridiculous or unexpected.
I used a spray with diluted conditioner to keep the scalp moisturized periodically, and I washed/rinsed them maybe every other week. As my hair grew, my ends became more stressed, which is why I took them out earlier than I initially planned.

Otherwise, I was pretty lazy through my transition and wore ponytails and wash and gos. And my ponytails were never super tight so my edges were ok. I tried braid-outs sometimes but they never worked out for me.
Last relaxer: Feb. 2008
Big Chop:
Jan. 2009