Hi Shimmy, I hear you about the lack of understanding amoung hairdresses about curly hair. I am constantly having to ask for taming products after they and cut and tryed to style my hair they don't seem to get it that if I leave thier salon without product I will frizz up like a french poodle lol. Also I had a night mare experience in one salon where a head hairdressor was working on my hair and her apprentice was told to do something with my hair and she waltzed over and started brushing my dry hair. OMG My hair instantly transformed into a witches nest of frizz, by the time she was half way through I was very upset and she had to go and get her boss to fix it lol.

I am in Oz as well and at the moment my favorite products are Sebastion potion #9 (leave in conditioner) and I use Fudge shaper to try and tame the frizz and define the curl. I am always on the look out for better products.