When you get yours and try it will you let me know how you like it. I will not be in a position to buy one until the end of the month and I am researching now. I noticed people said not to put product on your hair, but they sell product. So are their products for after you do your hair? Any other suggestions than the InStyler. I also want to try wearing my hair natural but unless I shower, get it wet, then let it air dry after putting something to keep the shine like oil sheen and gel to keep it from getting frizzy it dries with mostly frizz instead of curls. I have some curls but they are overshadowed with frizz. Wearing it wet in the winter is not an option.
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We had a short blurb on using products, I personnally do use product, b/c as you stated they sell product on the website for use with the tool. I just don't use alot of heavy styling. I use the Sabino now, and I'm still using the Nexxus Memory Sleek, but that is all I use after I wash and condition.

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