I'm mostly interested in ways that you all are conditioning or cleansing your hair and scalps with braids, weaves or twists. I always thought to rinse or wash these, especially braids and twists, would cause the hair to 'poof' again and come undone. I just don't want to pay for and take the time to get braids and then destroy them trying to keep everything clean. The diluted conditioner idea sounds good. Thanks
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I have never had a weave or braids. But I when my scalp is feeling a little itchy due to product build up, I use Giovanni Tea Triple Treat Shampoo. It really makes my scalp feel good. Then I deep condition with Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner. It is awesome. Make my hair feel really soft. When I really need some cleansing once a month I use Bentonite Clay followed by the conditioner above. The clay is a deep clarifier for the hair, scalp and skin. You can also try massaging some JoJoba oil on your scalp. Its a really good moisturizer. Hope that helps
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Thanks for the reply

Yeah, the shampoos and conditioners I've been using are great for cleansing my scalp. At the moment, I've been wearing my hair in ponytails or covering with scarves so of course its easy to cleanse and moisturize. I'm looking for advice on doing the same with braids or twists. I don't think caring for hair in these styles is exactly the same because some methods might ruin the braids or twists themselves.