Where do you find a good ceramic flat iron? I am interested in straightening my hair occasionally. I currently have a "salon style" curling iron that my hairdresser got me at her cost - it's excellent but I feel it pulls my hair too much. I was thinking flat irons are more gentle on the hair.

I will definitely use the tips to leave a conditioner on the hair then use a "heat protector" before straightening. I usually only straighten "day old" hair. I don't like to go from wet to dry only because the process takes so long. Straight hair doesn't last long on me - only when my hairdresser does it. I must not be using the right products.

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The chi is the first ceramic iron I have used. (I've also heard some good things about maxiglide but i've never tried it.) The chi's are a bit pricey. I think they really started to jack the prices up because I went to jcpenny's and saw the chi and it was like $125. When I bought mine it was $90 which is still kinda expensive. You dont have to get an expensive iron. My mom uses a ceramic flat iron from sally's that costs about $30 or $40 and it works fine for her. I think the key to getting my hair straight is blowdrying it with a heat protectant and getting it semi-straight. Yesterday I tried to flatiron a piece of my hair w/o blowdrying it and it came out wavy.

What kind of curling iron did your stylist give you? When I was younger, I used the older electric straightening combs. They would get the job done but within like 2 or 3 days, it would revert. My hair wouldn't stay straight until I started using the ceramic irons. hth.