I think it's horrible that they gave the "Ugly Stepsisters" curly hair. I mean, I understand that curly hair is hard to animate and all... but really. Why not give a GOOD character curls?

For real-action movies, though...

I must say that I was proud of Disney in the Cheetah Girls movies (which are by no means works of art... or even very good movies...) with the curls in them =] I mean, there were some LOVELY curly hairstyles. I would watch the movies only to see the things they did with the actresses' hair.

As far as curly guys go.. Disney did not fail us in my all-time favorite (a plus that it's a musical) "The Newsies." Because even if the main character had straight hair, there were several well-portrayed curly/wavy guys. Of course, that was like 15 years ago.

I'm just mad that none of the characters from the Narnia series have curly hair... except perhaps Edmund. It's debatable. I just hope that maybe the star's daughter that Caspian marries (at least in the books) might have curly hair. We need some representation.
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