when people say a woman Looks Jewish they mean more or less this: that she has pale or olive skin, dark, curly hair, a larger than average nose, a full mouth, and a curvacious body. Not always ALL of these things, but the curly hair and the nose are big on the list. I am Jewish and I am sometimes mistaken for other ethnicities, such as Italian and occasionally Puerto Rican. (Puerto Rican only after dark -- I'm way too pale to really pull that one off).
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I'm reading this with great interest, I'm not Jewish but people regularly assume that I am. I even had a boss give me a Rosh Hashanah card--I emailed her thanking her for her kind thoughts but explaining that it isn't actually my holiday!

So, I'll second what eternalsunshine said, there *is* a meaning to "looking Jewish" even if it isn't realistically tied to *being* Jewish. In my case, I'm part Lebanese. I look Semitic in the larger sense, but in an area where there are a lot of Jewish people and not many Lebanese, Semitic means Jewish to most people.

Funny part to me is that I've had a number of blond, blue eyed Jewish friends, including a college roommate with the most beautiful silky, naturally straight hair--again, looking Jewish isn't necessairly related to being Jewish, but to many people, there is a set of physical characteristics they tie to it.
shoulder length, dark brown and 2b-ish