I don't know how you can tell if they have curly hair or not, but i think the list below is probably a wavy/curly,

Keira Knightly
Charlize Theron
Kate Hudson (definately curly but always wears it wavy, why?)

Not sure who else,except for Nicole Kidman who's curls but they are not her natural curls anyway
2a/2b (FIA 2a/2b F/M i), low porosity (except the ends)

So far liking Natural Soap Bars (Australian Organics / Moogoo) MOP Mixed Greens CO, Boots, Olive Oil DT on ends, KY when rainy/humid
Unsure/Still Working on: AVC, Tweek, AG Re:Coil, CK (prefer KY), Honey (seems to lighten my hair?)

Need to try protein?

Aussie in working in Kazakhstan... Home is??