i'm attempting to go cg after reading all the raves so i went out to buy some pairs comditioner which i've read a few of you guys recommend and they didnt have it in safeway!! are there any other cg friendly conditioners out there that would be suitable for co washing?

i also bought some Juice kinky cream for styling which appears to be cg friendly, does anyone know if it is or not? has anyone tried it out?
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First of all welcome aboard.. and good luck..

In terms of cg conditioners mostly it's reading the labels... the best bet is starting at your local health food store. Priceline having a brand called natural instinct (white bottle navy writing) which is ok, I leave it at my parents house for when I go home. Pears... MOP (salons or selected hair care stores) .. biolage conditioning balm is good and there jessicurl at some petra's. I guess if you haven't already read through this post and take notes of what people have used etc.Hopefully someone else will pipe in because I have the worst memory...

juice kinky cream (i tried to google it to see if I could get the ingredients.. bad idea...!) umm maybe you could post the ingredients and we could all have a look at it for you. Mostly you want to avoid anything with -cone,-xane and there's another one..(like I said bad memory!)

hope i was of some help...
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