Yes, I agree, but I think the OP might have a point. I think that the fact that my curl pattern is lazy might come from the fact that hair is very fine. I suspect that fine hair holds a curl less easily than courser hair, but I have NO experience with the latter to back-up this opinion. (sorry about the clumsiness of that last sentence: it made perfect sense inside my head). Maybe someone with more experience (or with very fine but really curly hair) can correct me?
Hair: LOTS of fine hair, mainly variations of 2 (FIA), now cut into a just-above-the-shoulder layered bob.

Products: MOP C-System Curl Enhancing shampoo
Original Source conditioners for co-washing and conditioning
MOP C-System Curl Defining Cream
Boots clear gel and/or Joico Joiwhip
Joico Curl Activator on the second day.

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