I agree with KM and Whatsercurl. I think porosity determines how much product your hair can utilize and and how much moisture you can retain. I use some of the same products as KM, but they can easily weigh my 3b/3c curls down. My hair is more porous than KM's.

Since I have learned that I have a medium porosity and a medium texture, I changed how much product I use. It has made a huge difference. I thought that because my curl pattern was so robust that I had to use tons of product on it. It seemed to soak it up. Once I got a good balance of moisture into my curls, I didn't need so much product. I'm not layering as many products either any more.

Curl pattern is curl pattern. I can't really alter that naturally (except for a little tighter or a little "bigger").
3b spirals, fine texture, normal porosity, dense
Deva Low Poo
Suave Naturals Coconut for detangling
Renpure Organics conditioner/leave-in
Homemade FSG
Curl Junkie Stuff

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