Do you ladies who use it have pictures of your hair? I'm curious to see how this thing intrigues me.
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I have a considerable difference in my hair, I am having so much fun with the Instyler, it works perfectly for my hair. I wash, blow dry and use the Instyler, it works for my hair.

First pic is with flat iron (FHI) it's a good iron, but once I styled my hair with the Instyler, the flat iron collects dust, I don't need it. The last two pics are with the Instyler and of course you can see I need a touch up on my color, but I can get over that with the shine and healthy look of my hair.
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First, your hair looks shining and straight. I just received my Instyler in the mail yesterday, so I'll most like try using it this weekend when I wash my hair.

Just curious, but have you tried using your Instyler on air-dryed (or hooded dryer 'dried') hair? I would love to forgo blowdrying, if possible.