My 4 year old is a 4b and she has soft hair but it shrinks to about 75%.I am currently using ORGANIC Root Stimulator OLIVE OIL Hair Lotion and have used coconut oil, blended beauty butter but the products soften, ease friz but still shrinks. I always wrap her hair in ponytails but she seem to be hating this since she is now going to school. When I left her hair loose one day with a band she said almost all the children in her class (99% white) were touching her hair (she started a few weeks ago). I have since noticed that this has left my little girl a bit frustrated and has constantly said she once long hair. Previously at the day nursery she told me one day when I was doing her hair and she was looking at the mirror that another child in nursery had called her a guerilla. What can i do to help my little daughter? Also I need advise about products I can use to help with hair shrinkage which also a problem with my 4b hair - by the way I am in England in the UK.