I voted no. I had a traumatic beet experience as a child and cannot stand the sight of them to this day.
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I had a traumatic beet experience as a child, too! I was having lunch in a restaurant with my grandma (a big treat) and I ordered a turkey club sandwich. I thought the little round purple thing on my plate was cranberry sauce -- wouldn't that make sense, with a turkey sandwich? No, it was a beet. I was completely not expecting that taste and it put me off beets.

But my dad always loved pickled beets.

What was your traumatic experience, b-wavy?
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Oh my! Yes, I can see how that would be a real turn-off if you were expecting nice cranberry sauce!

Mine was when I was pretty young, maybe 6 or 7, so I guess it's one of those things were my palette wasn't very developed yet and I just didn't like the strong smell of them and wouldn't eat them which normally wasn't a big deal -- everyone has things they don't like. One night at dinner my mom, for whatever reason, kept pestering me throughout the meal to "just try one" and I didn't want to. I guess my dad wasn't in a very good mood that night, and was getting tired of it, so he got really angry and told my mother to put some on my plate and told me that I was going to eat every one of them until they were gone, or I could sit there all night.

I tried, but they truly made me gag. So I sat there. Everyone else finished their meals and cleared the table, and I sat there. My older brother and sister went to bed, and I sat there. I was practically falling asleep into my plate (but woke quickly when I smelled the beets!), and still I sat there. My dad was sitting in stony silence about 10 feet away in the living room throughout all of this. Finally, my mom quietly got up and took me in to bed. Not a fun memory....and they still make me gag to this day.