finch are you an every day washer or are you on day 4 of your original wash?
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Oh Lord heck no, I'm not on day 4 of my original wash. LOL. I have never been able to get the fabled "second day hair." I'm convinced it's only something that 3b's and up get.

I rinse with water every day in the shower, co-wash about twice a week.
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Nope, not true! lol, I've learned that it's possible, I just have to not be to picky and "perfectionist" on it. I usually have a bit more frizz/flyaways on 2+ day hair, but it's totally possible. You just have to find the right routine and products that give you awesome 1st day hair with GREAT hold, that doesn't weigh you down. If the hold's not there, the curls won't survive the night. if it's too heavy, the roots go flat and look gross.
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