If only it could be shipped over to me *sigh* I love FSG but now Im really curious to try your own special version!

I do have a question because Im not sure if I am boiling the seeds right- I put the water in the pan and heat it on high until it boils, then I put the Flaxseeds in and turn the heat to low. Leave it to simmer for 10 mins- while stirring every few minutes of so, sometimes it bubbles up but I just stir it back down again. Then I pour the whole mixture through a sieve into a jug. Am I over boiling them?

Also I have just started adding Grapefruit seed extract and honey so I dont have to keep it in the fridge. This makes it go a pale milky white colour- is this normal?

Thanks- thought I might as well as the expert here. How r the names for ur products going BB?