I headed to this salon called Fusco's, which on Cambridge street, Glasgow. I got a haircut done out there. Well, the haircut is in the form of a curly bob, but the experience involved me keeping a close eye on the hairdresser's every move.

I washed my hair and only left in leave-in conditioner. I decided on going in for a dry-cut, which involves them spraying water onto my hair. My hair was really long and she began to section it. My instructions were keep my hair short behind and long in front. She started cutting from the back of my head and I really couldn't see how short she was cutting it. When she got to the side, I saw the length and freaked out a bit. so as she got to the fron tof my head, I asked her how long my hair would be. She took the comb and pulled through my hair till my jaw: not taking into account that my hair curls...I told her it had to be longer...from then on it was alright, although she decided to use silicon-based gel on my hair...but i like the haircut but I must say, I had to keep an eye on whatever was goin on.
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Deep Conditioner: Homemade egg yolk+1tsp oil+ 1cup water
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