Count me as another one having the same issue! It never occurred to me that it could be BC. I just thought it was aging, or maybe having a lower protein diet for the last eight years (vegan diet). But really, I think my hair hasn't been the same since I was around 20-22 (1994-1996), and I went on BC when I was 21, and have been on it ever since.

For a look at how much thicker and curlier my hair was then, see my first album on Fotki (link below). When I was doing CG for a while in 2004, I did get some curls, but it was so much WORK, and they were flat, with no volume. My hair used to be big. I just found another picture today, with wonderful big curls, from 1995. My boyfriend couldn't believe my hair in that picture! It so sad that I don't have that hair anymore...

I'd love to go off the BC, but, you know...I need it! I suppose I could research the more permanent solutions (I've thought about it before since we don't plan to have children), but that seems like a drastic step for my curls!

3a/2a, fine, wavy/botticelli, dark brn, easily over-conditioned

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