There have been several threads lately about honey and molasses, so I thought I'd throw this into the mix!

I noticed bottles of agava nectar next to the honey and other sweeteners at the health food store several months ago, and I remembered it being one of the key ingredients in Kinky Curly Curling Custard -- my hair loved that stuff, but it made me itch like crazy so I had to stop using it. Anyway, I picked up a bottle and ended up putting it aside, but I recently pulled it back out and have been using it for several weeks now.

I really love this stuff. It's much more liquid-y than honey or molasses, so it's alot easier to mix in with other styling products, and it doesn't make my hair feel sticky at all. It also doesn't make my hair take a really long time to dry the way honey can sometimes do. In fact, I haven't noticed any difference in drying time at all. What I have noticed is that it boosts the hold of whatever styling product I'm using, and it makes my hair shinier. Oh! And no, I haven't noticed any changes to the color of my hair (which is dark) since using it.

I mix 2 or 3 drops in with whatever gel I'm using. If I accidentally use a drop or two too many, it's no big deal the way it would be with honey. I don't know if it makes a difference, but the brand I'm using is called Madhava. If you click the link, you'll see more information about agave nectar than you ever wanted to know! There's actually some pretty interesting stuff in there.

Anyway, if this has been discussed before, my apologies, but I hadn't noticed anything on it before. Hope this helps someone!