This post really intrigued me.. I've never really thought about it; I know what curly hair looks like and what wavy hair looks like, but I'd never really put that much thought into it and that by using the words interchangeably would be at all offensive.

After doing some research (was intrigued on what the definition of curl was), I'd have to agree with tillymunchywaves...

I'm not trying to be (too) snarky, but 'curly' is kind of an all purpose word sometimes when talking about hair that isn't straight. It doesn't put anyone down or anything.
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all the definitions of curly I found said something like this..
adj. having curls, wavy (of hair); having a wavy grain (of wood)"

which could be where the confusion starts...

I also think that classes ones hair is a rather complicated as we are all so different, and our wave/curl patterns are unique.

I'd also have to agree with Del2c in terms of describing my hair.. i wouldn't say my hair has better waves.. I'd say it's "curling" more, it just makes more sense to me...?

I'm a wavy and I usually refer to my hair as such. Sometimes I'll say I get better "curl" fromthis or that product but it's just an expression. No reason to get uptight about it really.
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I guess it will be interesting to see what others have to say about this, and whether this is a common occurrence.
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