I finished the entire thread.
it took a week and now I miss it. It was like reading a novel that took me through time and space. I traveled different seasons and cities.
Anyway I also wanted to mention that I ordered from mehindiskinart three weeks ago. I know someone here is hoping to get their order quickly but I think they are known for being slow.
I ended up using no-name/no-date henna mixed with Light Mtn cassia that I got from an indian store and the local food coop. I have been reading the henna threads on 3 forums so I just made up a recipe borrowed from all of them, which included a tsp of yogurt, green tea and red zinger, Tbsp of honey and evoo. I only let the dye release for an hour in front of a heater than sat with it for two hours, also in front of a heater. My hair is pretty porous so it managed to grab some color. My grey strands are orange the rest of my head is still brown but it has an auburn glow. My 3A curl pattern survived. In fact, it's not curlier but....It's almost acting like it's not winter. It's very soft. I am turning to henna for the stregthening/thickening properties but since I am afraid of becoming a red head and also afraid of commitment I've been hesitant. When my order comes in I plan on using 100% henna and will use the amla in glosses in between hennas. I want to avoid indigo for as long as I can.

Has anyone mixed amla with henna without indigo?

Thanks CurliNikki (and all contributers) for keeping this going and sharing your experiences.
3A-fi, with 2B underlayer, fine/thin hair with some wily greys.
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